Learn more about SolvistaConnect

SolvistaConnect is an online access point for treatment at SolvistaHealth. We provide an online option to get information about treatment and to express an interest in receiving behavioral health help. Our goal is to match potential clients to the right treatment team and to provide a smooth entrance into services.

  1. When you click the “Connect with services” button, you will be taken through a series of
    questions to help us get to know your needs and desires for care.
  2. Then you will be contacted by a member of our SolvistaConnect team within two business
    days to get the final information needed to get you started on your path to health. For this
    call you will want to have the following information on hand:
    a. Driver’s License
    b. Social Security Number
    c. Primary Care Provider name and phone number (if applicable)
    d. Proof of income (if you do not have insurance)
    e. Emergency contact name and phone number
  3. Finally, you will be matched with the provider or team that best matches your needs and
    desires for treatment, and your first appointment will be scheduled.

We know that reaching out for care can be difficult, and not knowing the costs can add to that stress! We never want payment to stand in the way of treatment and have various options to support different financial situations.

If you have insurance coverage, you will need to provide some information about your insurance. Providing your insurance information will also help us match you with a therapist that is covered by your insurance. We accept a variety of coverage plans including Medicaid, Medicare, and multiple private Insurances.

We offer services at a reduced cost for those that cannot afford services (with or without insurance) and a sliding scale fee for those without insurance. We will not charge you more than the in-network rate if your plan is out of network. We have financial assistance available that clients may apply for if they have difficulty affording services.

If you need help to set up financial arrangements, explain insurance benefits, address any billing concerns, and/or answer any questions about billing, please contact our business department Monday through Friday (8am – 5pm) at 719.276.5475.

SolvistaConnect takes your privacy seriously and has deployed numerous security tools to ensure the safety of your data. If you have questions, comments or concerns on our privacy policy you can reach out to the Solvista Health privacy office at 719.275.2351.

You will be contacted by a member of our SolvistaConnect team within two business days to complete your registration packet and schedule you for your first appointment.

We have asked you to give us some information about yourself and what you are looking for in a clinician. This will give us some good ideas for matching you to your best treatment team.

At your first appointment you will meet with an enrollment specialist who will gather more information about your health history. Our goal of the first appointment is to make sure you feel fully heard and that we match you to the team that will best meet your individual needs. Your enrollment may be scheduled in-person or by telehealth depending on your preferences. After your first appointment you will be scheduled with a member of your personalized behavioral healthcare team.

Your behavioral healthcare team will be developed with your individual needs and preferences in mind. Members of the team will be from our highly qualified staff and may include peers, care managers, clinicians, employment specialists, and more.

SolvistaConnect is a way to connect you to a full-array of behavioral health services either in-person or telehealth care through Solvista Health.

Yes, our facilities are ADA compliant and our staff are trained competently in disability etiquette. All services are accessible to people with communication disabilities; for example, we will provide interpreters for deaf or hard of hearing persons at no charge. We will work with people who have disabilities to find assistive technology that will enable them to participate in our behavioral health services and programs fully.

Check out our resources library for more information.